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​S. S. Transcriptions

Transcribing oral histories takes complexity, accuracy, skill, patience and timeliness. Susan was able to determine our needs from the very beginning. She has been a pleasure to work with and has become part of our team.

              ~ History Associates

"Susan is a pleasure to work with and a good communicator. Her attention to detail is superb, a requirement when working with us and our clients and she brings the level of professionalism that we require for our video and media projects."

~ August 2 Productions

"We appreciate Susan's willingness to work with us in extremely tight deadlines while at the same time producing a quality transcript. Thank you, great job!"

~ Gemstone Media, Inc.

"Thank you for all that you've done. I could not have put the script together without your help."

~ S. Heaslet, Documentary Producer

"For years I've been reaching out to Susan for her transcription services.  She is professional, efficient and a real pleasure to work with. I appreciate her attention to detail and can always count on her for a fast turnaround during deadline crunches." 

 ~ Butler Films

"Susan is incredibly professional, efficient, and a breeze to work with. She keeps the end reader in mind and makes their life and work so much easier. I cannot recommend her enough for all your transcription and writing needs."

            ~ R. Globe Productions


"Her grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills are excellent, as is her accuracy. She has a fast turnaround time, and gets scripts to us in a timely manner. We are glad she is part of our team."

~ Riverside Captioning Company


"The suggestions Susan offered significantly increased the relevance of the book and greatly contributed to its overall quality. Positive reviews from readers demonstrate the benefits derived from my consultations with S.S. Transcriptions."

      ~ John R. Wilson, author of "Truth Will Set You Free"